MEMBERSHIP: In order to join the Oswego Chamber of Commerce Leads Group I, your company must be in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce. It is required that your company joins the chamber prior to attending the first meeting after being voted into the group.

Any member of any Oswego Leads Group that is currently in more than one Leads Group, can maintain that membership status and is considered “Grandfathered” until the end of 2005. Beginning 2006, any member wishing dual membership will be denied. This DOES NOT apply to leads groups or networking groups outside the Oswego Chamber of Commerce.


ABSENTEEISM: Attendance is a priority. We all depend on each other for business and the only way we can generate leads is attendance.

  • No more than 4 in a row or removed from the group.
  • No more than 8 in a rolling 6 month period. There is no longer a difference between excused and unexcused absents.


SABBATICAL: When circumstances arise for a member to take a sabbatical, the following guidelines apply:

  • 6 week sabbatical may be taken by any member with Board approval. If a new business in the same industry wants to join the group, the member on sabbatical must either return immediately or forfeit their spot in the Leads group.
  • All membership dues, as stated below, are still in effect and must be followed.


LONG TERM MEDICAL LEAVE: Can be granted by approval  


TARDINESS: The meeting starts promptly at 7:30am and ends at 8:30am. Anyone walking in once the 30 second commercials begin is considered tardy. Therefore, your company loses their 30 second commercial. If a member forgets and begins their 30 second commercial after being tardy, the Sergeant of Arms will remind the member they were tardy and therefore lost their 30 second commercial.


 COURTESY: DO NOT interrupt while someone is speaking. Keep questions and comments to the end of the meeting. Avoid any and all “Sidebars” during 30 second commercials and presentations.

  • Keep your 30 second commercial to 30 seconds or less.
  • We suggest you keep your 10 minute presentations to 8 minutes so you can open up the forum for two minutes of questions and answers.
  • Practice your 30 second and 10 minute commercials so you will deliver the exact message you want people to hear.
  • If we all demonstrate courtesy we should be able to conclude the meeting in 45 -50 minutes. This allows time after the meeting for further networking and conversations.


LEAD SHARING: Leads are the reason we get together every week. Without leads or referrals this group will not serve its purpose. All members will need to generate at least FOUR LEADS per quarter, which may consist of the following:

  • Passing a lead, this is defined as having a name or number to contact, which could potentially lead to a business transaction.
  • Bringing in a guest also counts as a lead.

If a member of the group does not have a lead for the week, it is recommended they should bring information to the table that will mutually benefit the group.

Information should consist of knowledge from a recent seminar, a tip from a newspaper or periodical, advice from a co-worker, etc.


ELECTION PROCEDURES: The election of officers and directors will be held at the last scheduled meeting in September of each year. The newly elected officers and directors will begin their terms the first scheduled meeting in October.

In the event of a vacancy of the President, the Vice President shall succeed to President. In the case of vacancy of another officer or board member, the Board of Directors shall fill the vacancy.


TERMINATION: If a member violates any of the attendance, tardiness, or lead sharing guidelines as stated here in the bylaws, the Board of Directors would implement the following steps:

  • In the first week of violation a general memo is passed to the entire group reminding the membership of the bylaws covering tardiness, attendance, and lead sharing.
  • In the second week of violation, the Sergeant of Arms issues a memo to the member in violation of the bylaws.
  • In the third and final week of violation, the removal of the member in violation is brought to a vote to the entire membership the following meeting of violation. Majority vote is required for removal of membership. If the vote is for removal, the Sergeant of Arms will notify the member of their termination. If the vote is to maintain the member’s membership, the Sergeant of Arms will notify the member with a final warning. If the violation(s) continue the Board of Directors will vote on the member’s future standing.
  • All members present at said meeting above take majority vote.


COST: Membership dues of $30.00 are paid at the beginning of each quarter. If dues are not paid by the third Thursday of that quarter, a $10.00 late fee will be added. The dues go toward marketing and advertising, specifically a brochure and web site, for Leads Group I. We will have a Leads Group I Holiday Party with the remaining funds. If you have any questions regarding finances, a report is available for you to review.


CODE OF ETHICS: Members must be in good standing with other members; payment for services rendered must remain current. If not membership will be reviewed by Board Members.

If there is a dispute over a bill and it cannot be resolved, then both members will be excused from the leads group until the bill is rectified.


BROCHURE TABLE: Each week there will be a designated table for:

  • Any promotions, announcements or upcoming events each company is currently having.

We ask that you, DO NOT pass brochures at the group’ s table unless it is part of our 10 minute commercial.




Because of his long and tireless service to the group and his devotion to his position as chief clown-in-residence, quarterly dues will forever be waived for Jeff Price as the group’s way of saying thank you for a job well done.

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